Taking the Plunge

Courage is required for all of the best things in life.

Asking for a raise. Proposing marriage. Starting a business. Trying out for a team. Taking a leadership role. Running for office.

These are just a few of the things that tend to be life-changing, but require a little bit (sometimes a lot!) of moxie to pull off. But you can’t get much reward without a little risk.

Showing up to a consultation with a plastic surgeon takes some courage. Most of us (myself included) don’t really love going to the doctor, but it’s a little more challenging, a little more personal, to discuss something that is not a medical emergency, not life- or limb-threatening; maybe something that has bothered you for a long time about yourself, or something that brings you too much attention (or not enough!).

At Gallatin Plastic Surgery, my staff and I make every effort to minimize the need for chutzpah, to maximize reward, and decrease risk. I love helping people. But if you don’t come in, I can’t help.

Make you a deal. If you take the risk, I will do my best to deliver the reward.

Please call 406-577-2346 to take the plunge.

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