Prominent Ears? No problem!

Do you have prominent ears? Is your child teased at school for how their ears stick out? There is a solution in a procedure known as “otoplasty.” Otoplasty, or “ ear pinning” is designed to reduce ear prominence. Factors to consider when looking at the aesthetics of an ear include the overall size of the ears, the distance from the ears to the head (how much they “stick out”), as well as the definition of the ear structure. The goal of an otoplasty is to achieve a more pleasing look and shape, which often returns the primary focal point to an individual’s face rather than their ears.

Ear pinning procedures are commonly preformed on children, usually between  7-10 years, but can also be performed on adults. Early intervention can help reduce the teasing children may endure from their peers, which can in turn increase their ability to adjust socially as well as boost their self-confidence.  Otoplasty techniques include an incision hidden behind the ear, and the scarring is usually minimal. During your consultation Dr. McDaniel will go over which technique he recommends to produce an optimal appearance. (For more information, please see our page dedicated to Otopasty.)

Health insurance plans generally consider ear pinning as an elective surgery, and therefore will not cover it.  However Dr. McDaniel offers reasonable quotes that range from $5600 and $6700, which includes the cost of CosmetAssure coverage as well as surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees. Gallatin Plastic Surgery also participates with CareCredit for financing options.

Dr. McDaniel treats both adults and children, and he will be glad to answer all of your questions. Your consultation is free, so schedule an appointment to see if otoplasty is a good choice for you.

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