What is RealSelf.com?


Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a personal decision, and so it comes as no surprise that many patients choose not to discuss their procedures. Even patients with successful treatments will shy away from leaving positive reviews on social media platforms simply out of their desire for privacy.

Enter RealSelf.com, a community-driven website that allows people to anonymously interact with other people who are interested in aesthetic procedures. Created by Tom Seery in 2006 after his wife had trouble finding information on a laser treatment, this site allows potential patients to engage in conversations in a helpful and safe environment. People can easily navigate through RealSelf’s website to learn more about cosmetic procedures,  share their stories, share before and after pictures, leave reviews, and even ask physicians questions.

Dr. McDaniel is one of the board-certified physicians that engages with patients through RealSelf. While a consultation is still needed to create an individualized treatment plan, many general questions can be answered through this forum.

Please visit https://www.realself.com/find/Montana/Bozeman/Plastic-Surgeon/Jarred-McDaniel to read Dr. McDaniel’s answers to questions.

We hope https://www.realself.com is a valuable resource for our patients, but we understand it is not a substitute for actual care. Please feel free to contact our office if you need assistance, or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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