Plastic Surgery — It’s Not “Just” Cosmetic!

Plastic Surgery isn’t “just” cosmetic!

Many people don’t realize the vast amount of services that we offer at Gallatin Plastic Surgery. Dr. McDaniel frequently performs removal of bothersome skin lesions and cancers;  advanced surgical wound care; reconstruction of damaged or congenitally deformed body areas; and much more! Importantly, plastic surgery may seem intimidating because of stereotypes and misconceptions, but many patients with many concerns may benefit. Today we’ll touch on a few of the lesser-known operations that are “outside the box.”

Reconstructive Procedures

Breast Reduction: Removing tissue from breasts in order to relieve or lessen patients’ uncomfortable symptoms such as back pain, rashes, headaches and more. (This procedure has one of the highest satisfaction rate out of all plastic surgery). As a bonus, techniques used to remove tissue are also designed to lift your breasts and improve appearance!

Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction: Removing the entire cancer and restoring a beautiful appearance with reconstruction is an art form that Dr. McDaniel specializes in.

Breast Revision: Improves the appearance of breasts after prior breast surgery for aesthetic reasons: cancer, burns, and other causes, as well as implant rupture.

Breast Reconstruction: Involves rebuilding of breasts using tissue or prosthetic material such as implants in order to construct a natural-looking shape.

Laceration repairs and traumatic injuries: We are up to the challenge of restoring a normal appearance after trauma to the face or other areas of the body. A variety of techniques may be used, and occasionally more than one operation.

Scar Revision – Scars may result from any number of injuries, including surgery. Improvement in scar appearance can be obtained through a number of techniques. Also check out our blog post on this topic!

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Whatever your concerns, Dr. McDaniel takes his time discussing the procedure that is the best fit for you. Schedule a consultation today to discuss how we can help you.

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