Eyelid Lift – Will Insurance Pay?


Extra upper eyelid skin can be bothersome for several reasons, including giving a tired or upset appearance. However, upper eyelid skin can also start to weigh down your eyelids and block the upper part of your vision if it gets bad enough. In some cases, this is considered a medical problem that may be covered by insurance if the visual blocking is severe enough. I frequently get questions about insurance coverage for an upper eyelid lift, or “blepharoplasty.” The following is a discussion about the nuances of insurance coverage for an eyelid lift.

First Step

The first step towards consideration of insurance coverage for the procedure is whether or not your vision is affected. Keep in mind that although all insurance plans will have different requirements for coverage, all of them will require some degree of visual blocking to pay for a blepharoplasty. If you have no trouble seeing the top shelf of your closet when looking straight ahead, you don’t likely have a medical problem, and the operation will be considered cosmetic.

Second Step

If your vision is affected, the next step is to undergo visual field testing. This is a painless, noninvasive test that can be performed at your optometrist’s office (we go to and recommend 20Twenty Eyecare on Kagy; however, many offices, including Costco Optical, have this test available). While undergoing the test, try not to “cheat” by opening your eyes up wider than you normally do. This will elevate your eyebrows and make it look like you can see better than you can.

Third (And Most Important!)

Lastly, come see Dr. McDaniel for a consultation. He will review your visual field testing as well as your medical history and physical examination findings. Our office works hard to make sure that any procedures that should be covered by insurance are precisely submitted to ensure the smoothest possible process for you.

We hope this post takes some of the mystery out of insurance coverage for eyelid lift. For any additional questions please contact us; for a whole lot of additional information, including cost if your insurance does not cover the procedure, please schedule a consultation today!

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