Make Your Health Your Priority


You are your best health advocate! Understanding your role in your pre- and post-surgical care will help your recovery process and final result.

While it may seem obvious, you’ll need to be honest with your doctor and follow all post-op instructions. Ask questions. If you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to say so. In the long run, you will be better prepared and have greater peace of mind.

Don’t forget to plan your recovery. It’s hard to ask for help sometimes, but you will need some down time. Your co-workers will survive without you.  The household chores can wait. A family member can help with the kids. Planning this ahead of time will reduce your stress and allow optimal recovery conditions.

Remember, individual recovery times vary. Even if you feel great and ready to tackle anything and everything, don’t overdo it. Don’t start working out earlier than you were advised.  Don’t ditch that compression garment because it is less than fashionable.  In short, don’t make decisions on your own that go against your doctor’s orders.  Remember, your doctor has years of training and experience, as well as your best interest in mind.

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