Breast Procedures Quick Info

Breast operations are designed to adjust one or more breast features to improve their appearance or reduce symptoms. Popular modifications include increasing size, removing extra skin, enhancing shape, lifting nipple position, decreasing extra tissue, and correcting concerns from a previous surgery. Men can also benefit with tissue and skin procedures to help improve chest contour.

The boxes below give a brief description with quick facts about the operation. For detailed information about each procedure, click on the icon within the section.

Breast Augmentation

Function:   Breast augmentation increases breast size and often shape using silicone or saline implants. Breast enhancement may be combined with a breast lift (to make augmentation-mastopexy), or a tummy tuck (resulting in a “mommy makeover“).  
Recovery:   1 week
Total Cost:   $5800 – $7200

Breast Lift

Function:  Mastopexy, or breast lift, improves breast shape by removing extra skin and adjusting nipple position for a more youthful shape. If too much breast size has been lost after pregnancy or weight loss, breast augmentation can be added for a breast lift with implants (augmentation-mastopexy).
:   1 – 2 weeks
Total Cost:   $7000 – $8000

Mommy Makeover

Function:   A “Mommy Makeover” improves both breast and body shape in one operation, reducing recovery time while addressing post-pregnancy body changes. Breast operations include an augmentation or a lift combined with a tummy tuck
Recovery:   2 weeks
Total Cost:   $13,500 – $20,000 

Breast Reduction

Function:   Too much breast weight can lead to symptoms including back pain, neck pain, difficulty finding well-fitting clothing, and other concerns. Breast reduction has the benefits of symptom and shape improvement and carries the highest satisfaction in plastic surgery. 
   1 – 1.5 weeks
Total Cost:  
$8300 – $9800

Revision Breast Surgery

Function:   Improving breast symmetry, shape, or contour after previous surgery is one of Dr. McDaniel’s specialties. Revision breast surgery may include several different techniques depending on what is needed to address your concerns.
Recovery:   Varies
Total Cost:   Varies

Breast Lift with Implants

Function: When breast size and shape need to be improved more than breast augmentation or mastopexy can accomplish alone, the two operations can be combined into a breast lift with implants, or “augmentation-mastopexy.”  
Recovery:   1.5 – 2 Weeks
Total Cost:   $10,500 – $12,000

Male Breast Reduction

Function:   Reducing tissue under the nipples, thinning out chest thickness, and/or removing extra skin from the male chest is called gynecomastia correction (“male breast reduction“). Treatment type is tailored to the pattern of abnormality present. 
Recovery:   1 Week
Total Cost:   $5800 – $7400

Breast Scar Revision

Function:   Scars may result from trauma, cancer removal, or previous aesthetic or functional surgery. Occasionally these scars may be thick, wide, or sunken and more noticeable as a result. Scar revision may be helpful to convert these bothersome scars into less noticeable ones.  
Recovery:   1 – 1.5 weeks
Total Cost:   Varies

Estimated costs include Cosmetassure coverage, surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees, as well as preoperative and postoperative visits. Recovery times are estimates and may vary between patients. Photos on this page are of models and not actual patients.

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