Breast Scar Revision

Scar Revision
Suboptimal breast scars may occur from cancer, prior aesthetic surgery, trauma, burns, and other injuries.
Surgical and non-surgical options are available for improvement of scars, and can include topical treatments, lasers, chemical scar modification, removal and reclosure, and geometric scar rearrangement. Gallatin Plastic Surgery has a full complement of treatment strategies for improvement of your scarring.

What techniques are available to improve scars?

Proven nonsurgical interventions to help existing scars include topical treatments, such as silicone-based therapies (Biocorneum, Mederma, silicone sheeting, etc.), scar massage; minimally invasive procedures such as microneedling, laser treatment, and injection of a local steroid (such as triamcinolone);and application of sunscreen to avoid scar darkening. 

Surgical interventions may involve simple removal and reclosure or more advanced maneuvers such as geometric scar rearrangements and tissue advancements. Fat grafting (removal of your own fat through liposuction, purification, and injection into scarred tissue) may also improve the quality of a scar and improve contour of the area of concern. 

Scar revision may also be functional, to relieve tightness from scarring in certain areas. Some geometric scar rearrangements, such as Z-plasty (see below) can both improve tightness and make a scar less visible because of breaking up the appearance. 


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