Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure designed to modify the appearance , and sometimes function, of the nose. A rhinoplasty may include modifying only one part of your nose or the entire structure, including the internal components. 

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How can a rhinoplasty change my appearance?

The nose occupies the center of a person’s face, and irregularities or overly prominent features in this area can distract from the rest of your appearance. Rhinoplasty seeks to improve the balance of your nose with your face. Reasons that patients often seek rhinoplasty include a crooked nose (“nasal deviation”), a rounded profile (“dorsal hump”), and changes after trauma. 

What surgical techniques are involved in rhinoplasty?

The nose is a complicated structure, and many surgical maneuvers may be used to obtain an optimal appearance, from modifying skin and soft tissue, to bone, to any of the three different sets of cartilage present. Sometimes a “closed” approach can be used, with an incision placed within one of the nostrils, but often an “open” approach is necessary, with an incision spanning the rim of both nostrils and across the thin connection between the nostrils (the “columella”). 

I would like another procedure. Can they be done at the same time?

Rhinoplasty may be performed concurrently with other operations. Because of the contribution that each makes to the profile, genioplasty, or chin advancement, can be the perfect compliment to rhinoplasty. Many other facial or body procedures may also be combined with rhinoplasty.  

What will my recovery be like?

Recovery from rhinoplasty is more social than physical; some discomfort is present, but rhinoplasty does not typically make you unable to perform your normal daily activities. However, swelling and bruising is present, and a few weeks should be allowed after surgery before normal social functions.

Depending on whether your nasal bones or nasal septum are repaired as part of your operation, an external or internal splint may be placed (or both). These are temporary and removed after 8 days (external) and 2-3 weeks (internal). The external sutures used are absorbable and do not require removal. A nasal drip pad will be placed under your nose if internal work is performed. Instructions are given to change this as necessary. 

The nose is unique in that swelling is not completely gone in two months, as in most operations in the body. Some degree of swelling may be present up to a year after surgery, which means it may take this long after surgery to reach your final appearance. 

How much discomfort will I be in after my procedure?

The degree of pain after rhinoplasty depends on what maneuvers must be performed to correct your concerns. In general, soft tissue correction and reduction of a nose “hump” are less uncomfortable than osteotomies (fixing bone) and septoplasty (adjusting the nasal septum, the dividing wall between both sides of the nose). Pain medication is prescribed after surgery, and most patients will use this for 1-2 weeks. Reducing your level of daily activity is also helpful for a swift recovery. 

close up shot of nose

What kind of scarring occurs with surgery?

Closed rhinoplasty does not result in a visible scar. The scar for an open rhinoplasty involves a “stairstep” incision across the columella (soft tissue bridge between the external nostrils) and hidden incisions inside each nostril (shown to the left). The stairstep allows precise alignment of skin after surgery. 

How much does rhinoplasty cost? Is financing possible?

Rhinoplasty cost varies significantly depending on the complexity of repair needed to address your concerns. On average the cost is between $5400 to $9000.  

Gallatin Plastic Surgery is proud to offer financing through CareCredit. Application for credit can be done online or through or our office. Please let us know at your free consultation if you have any questions. 

"Since the nose occupies the center of your face, improvements here can change the way you present yourself to the world."
-Dr. Jarred McDaniel

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