Chin Lift

Chin lift, or submental lipectomy, is an operation designed to eliminate fullness under the chin (“turkey waddle”) and reduce vertical bands of the neck. This procedure is often combined with a necklift (which is more powerful for removal of extra skin), and also frequently as part of overall facial rejuvenation.

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Will a submental lipectomy improve my appearance?

Submental lipectomy enhances neckline contour by reducing fullness of the area below your chin and  reshaping muscle contour. Notably, a chin lift does not have the ability to remove extra skin, and a necklift is often combined with a chin lift to smooth fine wrinkles and remove extra skin.

How does a chin lift work?

A chin lift is performed through a small incision under the chin, just in front a natural crease. Through this incision the extra fat (submental fat pad) under the chin is removed  and your platysma muscle is overlapped to create a smooth neck contour without bands. The incision is then closed with dissolving sutures. A compression dressing is placed in order to decrease swelling and bruising.  

Can other procedures be performed at the same time?

A submental lipectomy is commonly combined with other face or body procedures. Some of the more commonly combined operations include facelift, necklift, and blepharoplasty.

How is recovery after chin lift?

Recovery after your chin lift is mainly a social recovery, meaning that swelling and bruising may prevent you from daily tasks rather than pain or functional limitations. This social recovery lasts about 2 weeks in most patients.

A postoperative wrap is applied at the end of your operation. The next day a compressive garment is applied and worn continuously for 2 weeks, then as possible for the next two weeks.

The extent of swelling and bruising is closely related to the amount and intensity of physical activity within the weeks after surgery. Keeping your heart rate and blood pressure close to normal (i.e. avoiding cardiovascular exercise) is helpful for smooth recovery.

How much pain will I have after chin lift?

Pain after a chin lift is usually mild. Oral pain medication will be prescribed, and is typically used for a few days postoperatively. A sensation of tightness may be present and is usually gone in about a week. 

What kind of scarring can I expect?

In most cases, facelifts involve a continuous incision from the temple to mid-neck, as shown on the photo to the left. These scars tend to heal and mature to the point that they are difficult to see even when searching. Dr. McDaniel recommends Biocorneum to treat these scars, which is available at our office. After about a year, your scars will have optimized to their best appearance and least visibility.

Dr. McDaniel uses a 3cm incision just in front of the crease under your chin. This incision tends to heal very well, leaving a difficult-to-see scar. Scars take up to a year to “mature,” becoming close to the same level and color as the surrounding skin.

How much does a submental lipectomy cost? Is financing an option>

A chin lift costs between $5300 and $5900, which includes all costs, such as CosmetAssure coverage, surgery, anesthesia, and facility fees. We also offer a multi-procedure discount. 

Financing plans are available through Care Credit. You can apply for Care Credit at our office or online.

"A chin lift can transform your neck from something you hide to something you show off."
-Dr. Jarred McDaniel

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