Timing Your Surgery​

Timing of Surgery

I am having facial surgery. How long before I'm presentable?​

Most facial aesthetic procedures have around a two week social recovery. This includes browlifts, eyelid lifts, chin lifts. After a facelift and/or a necklift, a patient's time may be up to three weeks before light makeup will cover any remaining swelling and bruising.

For chinlifts, facelifts, and necklifts, a compressive garment is provided to be used for two weeks continuously. After the first two weeks this may be worn when at home and be removed when you are out and about. 

Individual recovery will vary, of course, and some patients may have more swelling and bruising than expected. 

I'm interested in breast surgery. How long before I can resume normal activities?

Activity restrictions for breast operations include those to help recovery and those designed to optimize breast shape. Three weeks should be allowed after surgery before engaging in activities that increase your heart rate and blood pressure (such as significant hiking, biking, exercise, etc.) to allow initial wound healing and to prevent an excessive amount of swelling or "late" bleeding (which may need to be surgically drained or result in too much scarring). Avoidance of repetitive and forceful upper body activity is recommended after breast surgery in order to allow internal scar tissue to strengthen to protect your improved breast shape.   

How long should I wait after surgery before traveling?

Dr. McDaniel recommends waiting a minimum of three weeks after surgery before flying. This will allow early wound healing to take place and any (unlikely) complications to present. It is easy to forget about activity restrictions when traveling, so plans must be in place to minimize your activity during travels. 

Whether traveling by car or plane, walking frequently is important within the first 6 weeks after surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots.

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