Our Commitment to You

Excellence. Integrity. Compassion.

At Gallatin Plastic Surgery we are committed to caring for our patients with excellence, integrity, and compassion

We hold ourselves to the highest medical, ethical, and personal standards. This commitment is evident in all we do, from the warm greeting you will receive when you step into our comfortable waiting room, the quality of artistry performed during your procedure, to our genuine dedication to your recovery and optimal result.

Dr. McDaniel has an unwavering commitment to excellence

His patients’ results exemplify attention to detail, experienced surgical judgment, and an eye for natural artistry. Dr. McDaniel is dedicated to achieving the results that patients love and to ensuring that his patients have a clear understanding of all aspects of their procedure and recovery. Delivering the best in plastic and reconstructive care is our sincere commitment to each patient.

Integrity is the foundation of our practice

We believe honest and open communication is critical to the patient-physician relationship and to achieving the best results. We also believe that while each patient is unique, it is vital that every patient be treated equally with the same respect and dignity. Dr. McDaniel will only recommend those procedures that are in your best interest, and will not pressure you into a treatment plan. The best surgical care is achieved only when you have the best interests of your patient at heart.

Our compassion is a result of how much we care about our patients

We believe that each patient’s unique concerns and goals must be listened to carefully and understood. Each individual’s story is different which is why Dr. McDaniel consistently takes extra time to get to know his patients. Our deep concern for our patients shows at every level of our practice, and we are committed to taking the time to work through any issues that may arise before or after your procedure. We do not take lightly the level of trust and vulnerability in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and we are genuinely grateful to be allowed a part your journey.

At Gallatin Plastic Surgery, we are committed to excellence, integrity, and compassion as the standard of your care.

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