Plastic Surgery Services in Bozeman Montana

Select one of the categories below to view individual aesthetic and reconstructive procedures performed by Dr. Jarred McDaniel. Learn quick facts about cost, recovery, and more!

Facial Procedures

Facial procedures are a powerful way to improve your appearance. Excellent wound healing and refined surgical techniques lead to maximal aesthetic improvement. Some of the more common operations involving the face include facelift, necklift, forehead (brow) lift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, and ear pinning (otoplasty). 

Breast Procedures

Surgeries performed on the breasts are the most common performed in plastic surgery. Changes in size, shape, and symptoms are possible with predictable results. Popular breast procedures include augmentation (enlarging with implants), breast lift (mastopexy), breast lift with implants, breast reduction, male breast reduction. 

Body Procedures

Body contouring operations enhance appearance in and out of clothing. These operations may reshape your life by removing extra skin and fatty tissue. Common body contouring procedures includ tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), arm lift, thigh lift, liposuction, and labiaplasty.  

Nonsurgical Procedures

Many nonsurgical methods of improving your appearance are offered by Gallatin Plastic Surgery. See what can be done without incisions! Nonsurgical treatments include botox, filler injections, laser treatments, and more.