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Frequently Asked Questions

How does liposuction help the way I look?​

Liposuction is an excellent operation for those with abnormal fat deposits (lipodystrophy). Common areas of excess fat deposition include the flanks ("love handles"), stomach, hips ("saddlebags"), lower buttocks, bra line, thighs, upper arms.

Liposuction is also effective in improving disappointing results from noninvasive treatments, such as those that use cold, heat, or ultrasound to produce a modest improvement, often times at greater expense.

How does liposuction work?​

During your procedure, small access incisions are made in the skin. This allows fluid with epinephrine (to decrease bruising) and lidocaine (to reduce discomfort) to be injected into the areas of concern. Thin cannulas are then introduced under the skin. These cannulas are advanced and retracted while suction is placed, allowing an opening at the end of the cannula to remove fat cells. Multiple access incisions are usually used for each area, to allow a three-dimensional network of tunnels to remove fat without causing grooving.

Liposuction is a very effective, economical way to permanently remove fat from problem areas.Dr. Jarred McDaniel

Can liposuction be combined with other procedures?​

Absolutely! In fact, it is more commonly performed as a combination operation than by itself. Frequently combined operations include tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast augmentation, facelift, arm lift, and thigh lift.

Does removed fat just go somewhere else on my body?​

Great question! Many patients ask if the removed fat will just be deposited somewhere else on their body. The answer is no, with a caveat. The removed fat is gone forever. However, if weight is gained after surgery, it will be gained in other areas. Since our bodies add fat by enlarging existing fat cells, not by adding new fat cells, fat will not be gained in the same problem areas that underwent liposuction.

What will my recovery be like?​

Liposuction is typically performed in our private AAAASF-certified operating room, the only one of its kind in Southwest Montana. Liposuction is an outpatient operation, and you will not be required to stay overnight in a hospital. You will be seen at certain timepoints after surgery to ensure appropriate recovery and resolution of your concerns.

Depending on the area or areas that are addressed you will be provided with post surgical compression garments, which will be worn for a total of four weeks. These garments help reduce swelling and discomfort.  Most patients return to work within a few days of their procedure.

How much discomfort will I be in after my procedure?​

Pain after liposuction is usually mild and is experienced as soreness. The degree of soreness is often related to postoperative activity level. Dr. McDaniel uses numbing medication in the fluid that is placed into the areas of concern before removing fat. You will also be prescribed pain medication, which is usually needed for about 1 week, after which time over-the-counter medications will be used.

How much scarring should I expect?​

Scarring in liposuction is restricted to small access incisions to allow introduction of cannulas to remove fat. These scars are hidden within creases whenever possible for further concealment.

Because of the nature of the operation, the access incisions tend to lead to thick scars. Therefore Dr. McDaniel revises these incisions during the liposuction operation to improve how the scars look once they have matured with time.

How much will liposuction cost? Is financing available?​

Liposuction cost varies depending on the area(s) being treated, as well as the extent of liposuction needing to be performed. We offer significant discounts when multiple areas are addressed, and your quoted cost will include CosmetAssure, surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees.

Sometimes financing will allow surgery to be performed in a time frame that matches your needs. We provide a variety of financing plans through Care Credit.

The doctor always is great at explaining and answering my questions. I feel as they all are very good at what they do. I am satisfied, its always a pleasant experience.

– One of our Patients
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