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Mommy Makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Mommy Makeover improve how I look?​

The goal of a "mommy makeover" is to simultaneously change the look of the breasts and the torso. Women often experience a similar post-baby appearance: deflated, saggy breasts; loose and extra abdominal skin with or without a C-section scar that creates an overhang; and fat deposits in the stomach that are hard to work off.

Despite the name, women who have not experienced pregnancy can benefit from this combination; patients with significant weight loss are a great example.

What happens in a Mommy Makeover?

This operation combines a breast operation (usually a breast augmentation or a breast lift) with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Depending on which breast operation (or both) is needed, the breast portion may involve implant placement or reshaping of the breast with skin removal and tissue rearrangement.

Abdominoplasty involves removal of extra skin and fatty tissue from the stomach as well as realignment of the rectus abdominus ("six-pack") muscles to improve waistline definition and core strength. Please use the links in this paragraph to learn more about how each individual component works to help you!

A mommy makeover is a popular operation because you receive simultaneous benefit in two areas of your body that are absolutely wrecked by having kids. They are worth it-- so is this!Dr. Jarred McDaniel

What procedures can be added to a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination operation, but may be combined with minor operations, such as liposuction, to improve your appearance even further. Dr. McDaniel will discuss an individual treatment plan in your consultation to produce the best appearance possible.

What can I expect as I recover?

Your Mommy Makeover may be done in our private AAAASF-certified operating room, and you will not need to stay the night in the hospital. Dr. McDaniel will see you in the office the next day to examine your surgical sites, remind you of activity restrictions, and help you transition well into your initial recovery stage. You will have follow up appointments with Dr. McDaniel throughout the year to walk you through your healing process. (There is no fee for these follow up appointments.)

You will receive supportive surgical garments (an abdominal binder and surgical bra) at the time of your procedure. You will wear the abdominal binder for four weeks, and the supportive bra for eight weeks. These garments help to lower swelling, alleviate soreness, and provide external support while internal tissue heals and becomes strong.

It is important to give yourself the time and rest needed to heal, and a well-thought out recovery is especially helpful.  In general, patients are able to return to work within 1-2 weeks. Cardiovascular exercise or activities that elevate your heart rate or blood pressure must be avoided for three weeks. You also need to plan to avoid strength-intensive and repetitive activities of the arms and upper body for six weeks,  and avoid stretching of the torso for six weeks as well.

How much soreness will I have after my procedure?

Discomfort from a mommy makeover is usually moderate and well-controlled with oral pain medication.  Additionally, Dr. McDaniel will give you a numbing injection at the surgical site during the procedure that lasts up to three days and significantly helps postoperative discomfort. Oral pain medication is generally needed for only 1-2 weeks. We will also give instructions for transitioning to over-the-counter medications. 

Soreness in the first part of your recovery, even up to a few months after your procedure, is often times due to an increase in your activity level. Following your activity restrictions is truly important, even though you may feel you are ready for more.

What scarring can I expect?​

Breast scars will be in the pattern of a breast augmentation or a breast lift. Abdominal scars follow the tummy tuck pattern. Scars are a common concern for most women, but these scars generally flatten and fade. After they have "matured," they are not generally troubling and most women find them to be worth the trade-off for what they gain in breast and body shape.

For scar care, Dr. McDaniel recommends Biocorneum. We keep this on-hand at our office. Scars typically complete the maturing process after a year, at which point they are at their best appearance and the least visible.

Typical breast augmentation scar
Typical Tummy Tuck Scar - Abdominoplasty Scar

What does a Mommy Makeover cost & are there payment plans?​

Our goal at Gallatin Plastic Surgery is to provide excellence in every aspect of your care. We believe keeping costs reasonable is part of that commitment. A Mommy Makeover costs between $13,500 and $20,000. This is includes the cost of CosmetAssure coverage as well as the surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees. We are also pleased to offer a multi-procedure discount. 

We know there are times when financing will allow you to have the care you need when you need it, and we offer a variety of financing plans through Care Credit. You can apply for Care Credit at our office or online, and our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions. 

The doctor always is great at explaining and answering my questions. I feel as they all are very good at what they do. I am satisfied, its always a pleasant experience.

– One of our Patients
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