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Breast Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a breast reduction improve my symptoms?​

Reduction mammaplasty is very effective at reducing or completely eliminating symptoms related to large breasts. These symptoms may include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, frequent headaches, rashes underneath the breasts, even nerve damage in the arms or hands. Breast reduction surgery also helps to improve posture, ability to exercise, and ability to fit into clothing in many patients.

How does a breast reduction function?

During this operation, extra breast tissue and skin is removed through incisions and internal reshaping is performed to make the breast smaller and improve the aesthetic appearance. In fact, the techniques and incisions used in the reduction mammaplasty are identical to those used in a cosmetic breast lift – only the amount of tissue removed differs. Therefore, you obtain the same aesthetic benefits as cosmetic patients, including resizing of your areolas and lifting of your breasts. Dr. McDaniel prefers a version of the operation that uses your breast tissue for support and reshaping, resulting in a great long-term shape! Absorbable sutures are used to close your incisions, which do not require removal and do not leave unsightly "train track" scars on each side of the incision.

Breast reduction carries the highest satisfaction of any operation in plastic surgery because of symptom elimination and aesthetic improvement. This procedure can change your life!Dr. Jarred McDaniel

Can I have other operations at the same time as my breast reduction?

Yes! A reduction mammaplasty is frequently paired with tummy tuck, which makes one form of a "mommy makeover." Certain patients will also benefit from liposuction at the time of breast reduction to help contour the bra line. Dr. McDaniel creates an individualized treatment plan with each patient at your complimentary consultation. 

How much downtime will I have after reduction?

Reduction mammaplasty is an outpatient operation, meaning you will not need to stay in the hospital overnight. We will see you in the office the next day to make sure everything is going well. Your postoperative instructions will be reviewed, and any questions that you have will be answered. The postsurgical garment bra that you are fitted with after surgery will be replaced with two supportive brassieres that will be worn for the next two months.

Dr. McDaniel will see you at set intervals throughout the next year to ensure that shape, size, and scarring are satisfactory. These visits also allow review of the normal healing process.

Activity restrictions allow a more rapid recovery and optimal outcome. After breast reduction you will avoid cardiovascular exercise for three weeks, and minimize upper body exertion for 6 weeks.

How much pain occurs with breast reduction?

Pain after a breast reduction is usually less than patients expect, since there is no manipulation of muscle or other sensitive tissues. Minimizing upper body activity and proper use of your surgical bra are important for decreasing swelling and inflammation, which in turn improves pain. During surgery Dr. McDaniel will inject you with a medication that provides pain control for up to three days, and pain medication is prescribed, which is used for about a week.

What scarring can I expect?​

Breast reduction scars typically consist of a circular scar around the areola and a vertical scar down to the fold under your breast. Uncommonly a horizontal scar is used along the fold to remove additional extra skin.

Although scars tend to be a concern for patients seeking this operation, these scars tend to flatten and fade well and are not typically bothersome after the scars have "matured." Scar treatments are available at our office to optimize scar appearance, which can take up to a year to complete.

Typical Breast Lift Scar - Mastopexy Scar

How much does a breast reduction cost? Will insurance cover it?​

Gallatin Plastic Surgery and Dr. McDaniel are dedicated to keeping surgery affordable for our patients. As such we will process all reasonable claims to insurance and will assist you in obtaining coverage for appropriate operations. Our helpful staff have extensive experience in claims submission, and work with you each step of the way.

If insurance coverage is not an option, we will be happy to help you proceed. We are pleased to provide financing options through CareCredit, if necessary, to help rid you of your symptoms of large breasts.

Dr. McDaniel Answers Questions About Breast Reduction

All the staff are great. The compassion and care given me by Hannah and Dr. McDaniel has been incredible. I have the utmost respect and trust in Dr. McDaniel and know that he will do his best for me.

– One of our Patients
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