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Breast Lift with Implants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mastopexy-augmentation?

Mastopexy-augmentation describes the combination of using implants and reshaping tissue to provide an optimal breast appearance. This operation is useful when neither breast augmentation or breast lift alone will accomplish aesthetic goals and staging the operation is not possible.

To view before-and-after pictures of real patients who have undergone mastopexy-augmentation please click here.

Will a mastopexy-augmentation improve my appearance?

A breast lift with implants ("mastopexy-augmentation") is an operation that combines increasing breast size while also removing extra skin and reshaping tissue. This is a powerful combination in patients who have too much extra skin for an implant alone to solve, but not enough breast tissue to create an acceptable breast size without an implant. Combining these two procedures allows for one operation to solve both problems, but also increases the complexity of surgery and recovery. These operations may also be staged, in which case it is preferred to perform the breast lift portion before augmentation. Dr. McDaniel will discuss each of these considerations with you during your consultation.

Mastopexy-augmentation provides great improvement for two concerns in one operation. Experience comprehensive correction with less downtime.Dr. Jarred McDaniel

How does mastopexy-augmentation work?

During breast augmentation with implants silicone or saline implants are placed first. Dr. McDaniel will work to minimize the extent of your scars, starting with an incision around the areola (which is necessary in every type of breast lift), and adding vertical scars and inframammary fold incisions only as necessary. Once your chosen implants are placed, Dr. McDaniel will tailor your skin removal and tissue reshaping around your newly augmented breast to ensure the best shape possible. Finally, your incisions are closed with dissolving sutures and surgical glue is placed over each of your incisions so that you may shower the next day.  

How do I choose implants?

Implant selection is an important decision for each individual patient. You have options! Please click here to visit our page All About Implants to learn more!

How is my implant size selected?

Many practices choose your implants for you based on your surgeon's goals, which may not be the same as yours! Dr. McDaniel will figure out the size together with you in a two stage sizing process. This results in a high level of satisfaction.

Can other procedures be combined with augmentation-mastopexy?

Yes! A breast lift with implants can be combined with a tummy tuck (a "mommy makeover"), as well as other procedures. During your consult, Dr. McDaniel will decide with you an individualized treatment plan.

What will my recovery be like?​

A breast lift with implants may be performed in our surgical facility, the only private operating room in Southwest Montana that is certified by AAAASF, demonstrating the highest quality and safety standards. Mastopexy-augmentation is an outpatient procedure, and a stay in the hospital is not necessary. the following day Dr. McDaniel with evaluate you for any concerns, and you will be seen periodically during the next year to follow your healing process. All visits are complimentary.

A garment brassiere is provided to wear the first night after surgery. This bra is switched for supportive brassieres to be worn for the next eight weeks. 

It is important to give your body the rest it needs to heal properly, and to plan your recovery time accordingly. Most patients will be able to return to work within a week of their procedure. However, cardiovascular exercise or activities that increase your heart rate or blood pressure must be avoided for three weeks. Forceful or repetitive activities of the arms and upper body must be avoided for six weeks

Most patients will return to work within 7-10 days after surgery. Following postoperative activity instructions is important to reduce downtime and allow the best long-term result. This will include 3 weeks of keeping your heart rate and  blood pressure down, and minimizing arm use for 6 weeks.

How much discomfort will I be in after my procedure?​

The amount of discomfort after a breast lift with implants is typically moderate. The breast lift component is less uncomfortable than soreness from placing your implants under the pectoralis major muscle. Minimizing upper body activity is important to decrease  pain as quickly as possible.

During the operation Dr. McDaniel injects Exparel, a long-lasting medication to improve discomfort for up to three days. You will also be prescribed pain medication; this is used for 1-2 weeks, and we will instruct you on how to transition to over-the-counter pain relievers.

What scarring can I expect?​

For the majority of patients, breast lift with implant scars include a similar scar as a breast lift alone. This may involve only a circular scar around the areola or a "lollipop"-shaped scar (most common). Uncommonly, an "anchor-shaped" scar may be required to create an optimal shape and appearance.

Scars are always a concern after surgery, but tend not to be bothersome after they have flattened and faded (a process called "maturing"). After about a year, your scars will have optimized to their best appearance and least visibility.

One recommended product for scar treatment is Biocorneum, which you may obtain at our office.

Typical Breast Lift Scar - Mastopexy Scar

How much does an augmentation-mastopexy cost? Are there financing options?

Gallatin Plastic Surgery is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of your care, and keeping costs reasonable is part of that commitment. An augmentation-mastopexy costs between $9500 and $10,500, which includes the cost of CosmetAssure coverage as well as the surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees. We are also pleased to offer a multi-procedure discount. 

Financing options may allow you to have  surgery in the timing that is best for you. A variety of financing plans are available through Care Credit. You can apply for Care Credit at our office or online, and our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions. Visit our financial page to learn more.

I could not ask for better treatment and care from Dr. McDaniel and his staff. You are never rushed through and appointment.

– One of our Patients
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