Breast Augmentation – Finding the Right Size for You

The Dilemma

When it comes to breast augmentation, the process can seem a lot like Goldilocks: except, instead of porridge, it’s breast implants. Patients are often concerned that the implants they choose may be too big or too small. However, our goal is to work with patients to find a size that is just right.

Current and Desired Brassiere Size

The way that we accomplish the goal together starts with the least accurate method of figuring out the size: determining what size of bra cup you currently wear and about what size you would like to be after surgery. Your answer to these questions gives a general idea of how much of a size increase you would like. However, since bra cup sizes are not standardized (stay tuned for a blog post on this subject), this information does not translate into an implant volume (implants are described in terms of milliliters or cubic centimeters, instead of letters of the alphabet such as A, B, C, D, etc.).


The next (more useful) information used to determine your desired implant size occurs during your physical exam. The different measurements that are taken, including breast width (most important), distance from fold to nipple, stretch of your tissue, and asymmetry determine the maximal implant dimensions that will fit with your body (although you may not choose to use the biggest possible implant).

“Test-Driving” the Implants

Next, selecting the right breast implant involves “trying on” implants by placing these on top of your breasts underneath the sizing bra and T-shirt. This is a very accurate process that helps to narrow down your implant selection by feeling the size of the implant and seeing how this appears underclothing. At the completion of your consultation in our office, this process is performed with silicone implant “sizers.” We also have you verify the range of selected implants by providing you with instructions on sizing at home using bags filled with rice. Together, this process produces high satisfaction for the size of implants that you select.

Inside the Operation

The last component in implant selection is Dr. McDaniel’s judgment. During the operation, while you are asleep, Dr. McDaniel will sit you into an upright position with sterile implant sizers in place and make sure that your breasts are as symmetrical and pleasing in appearance as possible. Dr. McDaniel will stay within the size range that you select unless alternatives have been discussed with you before surgery.


Because of the thorough nature of your consultation and sizing process, satisfaction after breast augmentation is very high. Please call or click here to schedule an individualized consultation with Dr. McDaniel to learn much more about the surgical process. You may also learn more on our breast augmentation page on our website.

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