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Breast Augmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my appearance be improved by breast augmentation?

Breast enhancement is designed to improve appearance by increasing breast size. Breast shape is also improved, and a small amount of extra skin may be "redraped" over the implants (larger amounts of extra skin may require a breast lift or combination breast lift with implants). Each woman has a different concept of ideal breast size, and each body has different characteristics that must be taken into consideration. For these reasons, Dr. McDaniel works with you to determine your aesthetic goals and optimal implant shape, size, and placement. This process is discussed in greater detail below.

What happens in breast augmentation surgery?​

During breast augmentation silicone or saline implants are placed through a small (3-5cm) incision. This incision may be placed in a number of different locations, but an inframammary fold incision (placed at the crease under the breast) usually provides the best combination of precise implant placement (critical for excellent long-term appearance) and scar concealment. A "pocket" is then created for the implants to stay in permanently. This may be above or below the pectoralis major muscle, depending on your goals, the amount of breast tissue present, and desired appearance; below the muscle is preferred in most patients. Finally, the implants are placed after several maneuvers to decrease risk of infection, and the incisions are closed with dissolving sutures that do not need to be removed. 

Breast augmentation is the most common operation in plastic surgery for a good reason. Increasing breast size can have a huge impact on your self-confidence!Dr. Jarred McDaniel

Which implants are best for me?​

Breast implants are available in two types and many shapes and sizes. Determining which implant is right for you is an important decision. Please click here to read our page dedicated to explaining All About Implants.

Learn more about implant types

How will my implant size be selected?​

Unlike many practices where a single implant is chosen for your by your surgeon, we believe in an interactive process where your choice of volume is combined with Dr. McDaniel's evaluation of your skin and breast tissue characteristics to make the best choice. Our sizing process consists of two parts. The first half is done during your consultation, when one of our nurses will help you identify a range of acceptable sizes using a sizing bra and implant sizers. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to perform the second portion at home, where you will be able to do a trial run through your daily activities (e.g. house-cleaning, work, exercise, etc.) with different sizes of "implants." Together, these two parts to the sizing process provide a high level of success in choosing an implant size.

Can breast augmentation be combined with other operations?​

Absolutely! A breast augmentation is often combined with a tummy tuck (one version of a "mommy makeover"), breast lift, or liposuction. During your free consultation, Dr. McDaniel will help you determine an optimal surgical plan to fit your goals.

What will my recovery be like?​

Breast augmentation and any combined procedures may be done in our private AAAASF-certified operating room. As an outpatient procedure, you will not need to stay the night in the hospital. Dr. McDaniel will see you in the office the next day to check your progress, review your post-operative care instructions, and answer any questions. Dr. McDaniel will see you at intervals throughout the next year to ensure that you are healing well. You are not charged for these visits or any others throughout your recovery.

We will provide you with a postoperative garment bra to wear the evening after your procedure. This will be switched to a supportive bra the next day at your appointment. You will be provided with two of these bras, so you can wash one and wear the other. This bra will be worn day and night for the first four weeks, and during the day for the next four weeks after that.

It is important to give your body the rest it needs to heal properly, and to plan your recovery time accordingly. Most patients will be able to return to work within a week of their procedure. However, cardiovascular exercise or activities that increase your heart rate or blood pressure must be avoided for three weeks. Forceful or repetitive activities of the arms and upper body must be avoided for six weeks.

How much discomfort will I be in after my procedure?​

Pain after a breast augmentation is usually moderate and related to soreness from elevating your pectoralis muscle to place an implant in an optimal location. Therefore, resting your upper body, wearing your supportive bra, and elevating your arms while at rest are helpful in resolving discomfort as soon as possible.

Dr. McDaniel uses a long-lasting numbing injection during the procedure that lasts up to three days to control immediate postoperative discomfort. Pain medication is prescribed, which is typically used for around a week. We will also give instructions for transitioning to over-the-counter medications. 

Pain in the early recovery period, even up to a few months after your procedure, is often related to your activity level. Following activity restrictions is very important, even when you feel like you are ready for more activity.

What kind of scarring can I expect?​

In most cases, breast augmentation scars include a scar at or slightly above the fold under the breast. For a saline implant, the scar is about 3cm in length. Silicone implants require a slightly longer incision, about 5cm (2 inches) in length.

Scars from this operation are well-camouflaged underneath your breasts, and, once matured, are difficult to see. Dr. McDaniel recommends Biocorneum to treat these scars, which is available at our office. The process of your scars flattening and fading takes about a year to complete.

Typical breast augmentation scar

How much does a breast augmentation cost? Are there financing options?

Gallatin Plastic Surgery is committed to keeping costs reasonable as part of our overall pledge to deliver excellent care. A breast augmentation costs between $6400 and $7200. This includes CosmetAssure coverage, surgical, anesthesia, and facility fees. Gallatin Plastic Surgery also provides a multiple-procedure discount. 

We understand that sometimes financing options allow you to have the care you need in the timing that is best for you. We are pleased to our patients financing plans through Care Credit.

All the staff are great. The compassion and care given me by Hannah and Dr. McDaniel has been incredible. I have the utmost respect and trust in Dr. McDaniel and know that he will do his best for me.

– One of our Patients
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